Returning to Reims + Q&A with Didier Eribon

Screening + Q&A

FRA | 2021 | 83 mins | dir. Jean-Gabriel Périot, narrated by Adèle Haenel | in French with EN subs

A fascinating reflection on working class life in France over the past 70 years, Jean-Gabriel Périot’s documentary is a loose adaptation of fragments from Didier Eribon’s 2009 memoir Returning to Reims, in which he evokes his return to the hometown he had abandoned 30 years earlier. Adèle Haenel narrates the story of a prodigal child returning home and a reconciliation that prompts discussion of a mother’s life, marriage, and the opportunities she and other women never had.

Followed by a Q&A with philosopher and author Didier Eribon

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Didier Eribon, Returning to Reims translated by Michael Lucey, (Penguin Books, 2019)
6pm Ciné Lumière