In a discussion led by Marianne Badrichani, director of the play Je t’aime moi non plus, Clare Finburgh Delijani, Professor of European Theatre at Goldsmiths University, will discuss the profound impact of "Sidi Molière" - (Sir Molière) as he's called in the Maghreb - on theatre in North Africa and the Middle East. She asks us to consider whether his theatre truly is of global appeal, or if we must reassess the limits of universality when it comes to art.

This talk will be preceded by a performance of Molière : Je t'aime moi non plus at 6pm
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7pm Ciné Lumière
£7, £5

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An English actor and a French actress find themselves in a rehearsal room with Molière’s work. As they start rehearsing his greatest scenes (Tartuffe, Don Juan, Les Femmes savantes...) they discover he has a lot to say about the way we feel. This is an encounter with Molière. With ourselves. This is the latest production by the team that created the hit play Ionesco/Dinner at the SmithsMarianne Badrichani and Edith Vernes - and features Anglo-French actor Philippe Spall (Downton Abbey) in his first French theatre piece in England. A play for the whole family, from 12+

Theatrical Performance by Marianne Badrichani
With Edith Vernes, Philippe Spall and Marianne Badrichani

In French with English surtitles

As part of Molière’s 400th anniversary celebrations.

The performance will be followed by a talk with Clare Finburgh Delijani at 7pm
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6pm Ciné Lumière
£25, £12 (including talk Sidi Molière)

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